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What We Offer As An Industrial Supply Company

industrial supply company

Are you curious about how big warehouses keep things running smoothly? Dive into the world of warehouse solutions with Dixie Overhead Door and learn how we can be your industrial supply company! But first, let’s clear up any misconceptions about what that is. Industrial supply companies make sure warehouses have everything they need to work efficiently.

As a warehouse solutions provider, the objective of Dixie Overhead Door is to deliver the best customer experience, no matter what the situation. With Dixie, you get unparalleled friendly and courteous service, expert craftsmanship on every installation, and peace of mind that our business processes adhere to the core values that are characteristic of Dixie Overhead Door and our parent company, Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air.

Your Warehouse Solutions Gurus 

One thing we offer as your Montgomery, AL area industrial supply company, is shelving and storage solutions. We offer shelves and storage units in all shapes and sizes to fit different warehouse storage needs. Having the proper shelving and storage available will keep things organized so your workers can easily find what they need.

But it’s not just about shelves! Dixie Warehouse Solutions also offers tools and equipment to help move things around the warehouse. This includes equipment like forklifts, pallet jacks, and carts. With the right tools, workers can easily transport heavy items safely and efficiently.

Safety is vital in any workplace environment. Inside a warehouse or other industrial location, it’s critical. With the variety of interior layouts, heavy equipment, etc., every safety measure must be adhered to. Dixie Overhead Door’s Warehouse Solutions has you covered there, too. We offer items such as safety gear, safety and security mirrors, barriers, wash stations, and more to help prevent accidents. This keeps everyone in the warehouse safe while they’re working.

If your business ships products to retailers, wholesalers, or directly to customers, Dixie has the shipping supplies you need. From bags to cartons to labels and packing tape. Look no further. Dixie offers a wide range of packing materials to make sure products are shipped safely. 

From Storage to Shipping to Cleaning, and more!

But wait, there’s more! An expert industrial supply company like Dixie also provides cleaning and maintenance supplies to keep your warehouse in tip-top shape. This includes things like brooms, mops, sanitizing mats, and spill kits. Dixie even has ride-on scrubbers to make cleaning your large warehouse space easy. A clean warehouse is a safe warehouse!

Dixie Overhead Door/Dixie Warehouse Solutions offers a wide range of industrial supply products to help keep things running smoothly. From shelving and storage to tools and safety gear, Dixie has everything you need to keep your warehouse in top shape. 

Check out our online catalog for an easy and convenient shopping experience. If you’d like a more personal experience, call Dixie Overhead Door today and speak to one of our highly trained customer service representatives. 

For every warehouse solution or industrial supply need, just call Dixie, and it’s done!