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What To Look For In A Garage Door Repair Company

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If you have a garage door that’s acting up, making strange noises, or not working properly, it’s time to call in the experts at Dixie Overhead Door! Finding the right garage door repair company is important to ensure your garage door is fixed safely and efficiently. In Montgomery or Auburn-Opelika, AL, you may have options to choose from, but how do you know which one is the best for you? 

Dixie Overhead Door is owned and operated by Dixie Electric, Plumbing & Air, a trusted provider of home comfort services. The Dixie name is well-known in our area for the standard of excellence we aspire to in everything we do. Here are some tips to look for when seeking a garage door repair:

Local Garage Door Repair Company: 

First things first, look for a garage door company that’s local to Montgomery or Auburn-Opelika. Why? Because they’ll know the area, the weather, and the specific needs of your garage door in your location. Plus, local companies are usually more reliable and responsive.

Dixie fits the bill for this one. We’ve been providing home comfort services to the residents of the Montgomery area since 1908!

Experience Matters: 

You wouldn’t want someone who’s never played basketball to teach you how to score a hoop, right? The same goes for garage door repair. Find a company with experience in fixing garage doors. They’ll know what to do because they’ve seen it all before.

Check Reviews: 

Imagine if your best friend told you that a new movie was amazing, wouldn’t you be excited to watch it? Well, think of online reviews as your best friend’s opinion. Look for reviews from people who have used the garage door repair company’s services. Click here to check out Dixie’s Google reviews. 

Licensed and Insured: 

It’s important that the garage door repair company is licensed and insured. This means they have the right qualifications to do the job, and if something goes wrong during the repair, their insurance will cover it. Safety first! Dixie Overhead Door carries the proper liability and business insurances and is fully licensed to be the provider of your garage door needs, whether a new garage door installation, maintenance, or a much needed garage door repair.


When you talk to the garage door repair company, they should be clear about the costs and what needs to be done. You wouldn’t want any surprises, right? So, make sure they are upfront about everything. Dixie is upfront and honest. Our business practices are built on a foundation of integrity and trust. 

Timely and Efficient Services: 

Sometimes, garage doors break at the most unexpected times. Look for a company that offers repair services quickly and efficiently, so they can come to your rescue when you need it.

Warranty & Guarantees: 

When you make a large purchase like a new garage door, you want it to come with a warranty. A reliable company will offer products that come with solid manufacturers warranties; and, Dixie always stands behind their installations and repairs. Dixie offers a lifetime guarantee on workmanship. We won’t quit until you’re 100% satisfied! 

Quality Parts:

Garage door repairs need quality parts. Make sure the company uses high-quality replacement parts that are built to last. You can count on Dixie Overhead Door to use high caliber repair parts when your garage door needs fixed. 

Customer Service: 

Good customer service goes a long way with garage door installations and repairs. You want a company who employs highly trained and professional team members. Dixie Overhead Door will always treat you with respect, answer your questions, and listen to your concerns.

Experience the “Dixie Difference”: 

 When you choose Dixie Overhead Door for your garage door repair you get a storehouse of expertise, quality products, and exceptional service. If your garage door is beyond repair and needs replaced, Dixie has you covered. We offer a wide variety of garage door solutions for homes, businesses, warehouses, and industrial settings.

Call Dixie and It’s Done!

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing a garage door repair company in Montgomery or Auburn-Opelika, AL, remember to keep it local for the ultimate experience! By following these simple guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect garage door repair company to fix your garage door troubles. 
Reach out to Dixie Overhead Door today to schedule your garage door repair or for a no-cost consultation on a new garage door installation.