Dixie Overhead Door is a locally-owned and trusted company 

That Installs HVLS Fans at Nearby Warehouses

High volume low speed fans (HVLS) range from 8 to 24 feet in diameter and can be mounted from the ceiling or a pole. An HVLS fan’s large blades produce and push massive air columns to the floor and circulate it in all directions. These fans are now found in a wide variety of spaces in the commercial and industrial fields. They can be used in some residential areas even.

Companies often use HVLS fans in their warehouses to keep employees comfortable. These types of warehouse fans can cause a 3 to 8-degree decrease in temperature. Those 3 degrees can make a big difference for your employees. Additionally, when you use an HVLS fan in conjunction with an efficient HVAC system, you can also reduce energy costs. So, in hindsight, it might be a more affordable or cost-effective decision to invest in an HVLS fan.

HVLS fans are also virtually silent meaning there’s no added noise to your workplace. These large fans provide a lot of benefits for your workplace and can help improve your employees’ working experience. It’s the small things that can go a long way to improve working conditions and maintain the success of your business.

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Alabama Warehouse Fans Supplier

Are you experiencing climate control and ventilation issues at your Alabama warehouse? It may be time for you to talk to the experts – Dixie Overhead Door.

Dixie Overhead Door is a supplier of HVLS fans in Montgomery, Auburn, Opelika Alabama and the surrounding areas. We have a selection of Kelley, Serco, and MacroAir fans that we can install for you at your warehouse. These HVLS fans feature patented 5 and 6-blade designs and digital touch-screen control panels for easy operation and monitoring. Plus, they are so quiet, you won’t even know they are running until you feel the gentle breeze circulating your facility.

If you are looking for a fix to your warehouse ventilation problems, call Dixie Overhead Door today at 334-262-1090. We would be happy to discuss your options and demonstrate what a quality HVLS can do for you!

Trusted Warehouse HVLS Fan Installation Service

Dixie Overhead Door is a locally-owned and trusted company that installs high volume low speed (HVLS) fans at nearby industrial warehouses. Our talented team of technicians provides dependable, same-day service to get our customer’s warehouses cool and comfortable as quickly as possible.

For reliable warehouse fan installations in Montgomery, Auburn, or Opelika, Alabama, contact Dixie Overhead Door by phone, 334-262-1090 – click to call, or via our online contact form.