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At Dixie Overhead Door, we offer a wide range of high-quality loading dock equipment to keep your operations running smoothly! Your company’s truck loading docks are the gateway connecting your facility and your supply chain operation. The systems supporting your loading dock operation are vital to your company’s productivity. 

Dixie Overhead Door services warehouses near Montgomery, Auburn, and Opelika, Alabama. We are one of the few local warehouse supply companies to offer Serco and Kelley brand products. When you work with us, you will find the best loading dock equipment that fits your warehousing needs. Plus, we offer dependable, same-day service.


Warehouse loading dock levelers are used as a bridge between the dock and truck. Levelers can be adjusted for height and may be operated with a mechanical spring, hydraulic cylinders, or air-powered systems.

The mechanical leveler is mounted in a pit below the dock and is activated manually via an extension spring counterbalance. The air-powered system features airbag lifting technology, which provides stability and is operated via push-button controls to eliminate manual issues. Hydraulic levelers are powered by a pit-mounted hydraulic system and are designed to handle high-volume dock operations.
Dixie Overhead Door carries Kelley and Serco dock levelers. To view the features and determine which is right for you, contact our team today!


Keeping trucks and trailers docked safely at your warehouse is not only vital to protect your customers’ freight but to ensure the safety of all employees and personnel on the dock and in the warehouse. Dixie Overhead Door takes restraining and securing vehicles seriously. We offer multiple types of vehicle restraints, including:

Serco PitBull Safety-Loc

This comes in both powered and manual activation models. There are models to fit virtually any application or budget.

Kelley STAR® Series & Kelley HH Series HIDDEN HOOK™

You can choose from several models that include features like a hook-mounted sensor bar, LED exterior and interior lights, caution signs, and audible alarms for superior communication.

APS 2000®

This is a superior version of the traditional impact-style vehicle restraint. It uses an advanced communication system and an impact extension bar that accommodates a wide range of rear impact guards.

In some cases, vehicle restraint systems are not the right solution for vehicles with lift gates or unique trailer configurations. In those situations, the best choice may be wheel-chock systems to immobilize the vehicle at the wheels. Dixie Warehouse Solutions offers the Kelley in-ground AUTO CHOCK and SURFACE CHOCK systems and a full line of manual and hydraulic wheel block systems from Serco. Whatever the top-of-the-line trailer restraint system you choose, Dixie Overhead Door will help make loading and unloading vehicles at your dock safe, efficient and reduce the risk of serious and potentially fatal accidents.


Warehouse dock seals are normally comprised of compressible foam blocks that serve as a cushion for trucks backing up to the docks. They also can serve as barriers that will protect the dock environment against the elements and provide safe operating conditions. Kelley and Serco products feature ultra-durable TufSteel® framing for years of reliable performance. The foam and fabrics are both fire-resistant.


Dock shelters keep docked loads safe, secure and protected from the elements, thus are a key component of productive and efficient warehouse operations. Dixie Overhead Door offers Serco and Kelley product lines, allowing you to choose from dozens of styles and models of shelters. All dock shelters are designed to keep your workers and assets comfortable and safe and help with climate control, reducing energy costs.


Warehouse loading dock lifts are essential in making your docks completely accessible. Lifts offer a cost-effective alternative to booms and other portable aerial platforms to help provide a stable and level loading/unloading area on your warehouse dock ramps for trucks and trailers. At Dixie Overhead Door, we have a complete selection of Serco, Kelley, Southworth, and Presto hydraulic scissor lift systems. Be sure to ask us about our truck levelers and rail lifts!


Dock bridges are designed and built to connect the warehouse and the trailer. They address warehouse issues at a lower cost than other solutions while providing efficient and safe operation. Dock bridges also maximize floor space and are generally easy to operate and maintain.


LH Series LoadHog is one of the most well-known product names in dock bridges. Serco and Kelley both offer their version of this modular dock bridge.
When compared to many other similar products, the installation is simple. The LoadHog mounts to your warehouse floor with heavy-duty bolts and requires no concrete installation work, thereby saving you money throughout the bridge’s lifespan.


As dock operations get busier and more complicated, the demand increases for automated systems to speed up the process. Most pieces of equipment require their own control panels, which leads to more electrical and installation costs. Dixie Overhead Door can come to your rescue with master control panels from Kelley and Serco. These control panels seamlessly integrate controls for your vehicle restraint system, door, and dock leveler in one convenient location.


In addition to all of our warehouse dock, storage, and general operating systems, Dixie Overhead Door provides a full line of APS Resource aftermarket parts and accessories to modify or enhance your warehouse system. This includes lighting accessories that spotlight your dock and employees– helping to reduce accidents due to poor lighting– and energy-saving solutions that produce a more comfortable working environment while lowering your utility and operational costs. We also offer product upgrades and maintenance programs that can prolong the life of systems like dock levelers. Whatever your accessory or special custom needs, we have the solution. Call Dixie Warehouse Solutions at 334-262-1090 to get started!

Loading Dock Equipment for your Warehouse in Central Alabama

Dixie Overhead Door is the trusted supplier of high-quality loading dock equipment for warehouses throughout Alabama. To learn more about our products and services, call our team at 334-262-1090 or contact us via our online form.