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How to Open a Garage Door Manually?

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When the power goes out or your garage door opener stops working, knowing how to open your garage door manually will be a real lifesaver. It could mean the difference between getting your car out during an emergency or being stuck at home with few options. If you’ve never learned how to manually open your garage, now is the perfect time. 

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In this blog, let Dixie shed light on the process of how you can lift the garage door manually, with ease and safety.

Understanding the Basics of Automatic Garage Doors

Before we jump into the details, it’s important to understand the key components involved. 

Automatic garage doors usually operate with the help of a motorized garage door opener. This device allows the automatic opening and closing of the door with minimal effort. Most motorized garage door openers have a remote. Some will even sync with cars that have this specific feature. It’s even possible to install an exterior keypad to open and close the door. There are many options to access your garage with ease. 

It’s very important, though, to have the ability to manually open the garage door in situations like a power outage or if the remote or other technology fails. This can be achieved by following a set of guidelines which involve pulling the emergency release cord and applying manual force to lift the door.

Step-by-step Guide to Manually Open Your Garage Door

Step 1: Ensure Safety First

Before attempting to open the garage door manually, ensure there are no loose parts that could potentially cause injury. Also, make sure the garage area is free of obstructions.

Step 2: Locate and Pull the Emergency Release Cord

The emergency release cord is usually red and hangs from the garage door opener inside the garage. This cord is a manual override that disengages the door from the opener. You will then be able to lift the door manually.

Step 3: Lift the Door

When the garage door is no longer connected to the opener, it’s time to lift the door. Position yourself at the door’s center, grasp the handle or the bottom of the door firmly and lift it upwards. You might be surprised at how light it is, thanks to unique counterbalance springs to assist with lifting.

Step 4: Secure the Door

Once you have managed to open the door to the desired level, ensure it is securely held in place. You can use a pair of vise grips or a latch to hold it open, preventing it from sliding down unintentionally.

Step 5: Closing the Door

To close the door after it has been manually opened, simply lower it gently back down to the ground. Be sure to do this slowly to avoid damaging the door or causing injury to yourself.

In conclusion, the process of opening a garage door manually is pretty straightforward. It’s a skill all homeowners should possess. Following these steps will help you navigate through the manual opening process safely with ease.

When power has been restored, or when the garage door opener has been fixed, it’s important to make sure the door and the opener are back in sync with each other. Pulling the emergency release cord towards the opener while also pressing the remote control should do the trick.

For the greatest help, keep this guide handy inside the garage. Be prepared when your garage door won’t open. It’s always better to be informed and ready to handle these unexpected emergencies with confidence and efficiency.

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